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The Kleinstiver Lab

We develop genome engineering technologies for research applications and for the treatment of human diseases. Learn more about our research and the people in the lab!

The Kleinstiver Lab is located in the Center for Genomic Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Department of Pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Reach out and join us!


News & things happening in the Kleinstiver Lab


A farewhale party for Logan 🐳

May 2024

Lab dinner at Night Shift to celebrate Logan's upcoming farewell from the lab (kudos to Rachel for the cake 🎂)


A busy winter ❄️

Winter 2024

SpRY protein available commercially, a lab trip for ramen, and Chris builds out his group 🍜 👼


Holiday celebration season 🎁

December 2023

An international potluck, gift swap, and trip to the Liberty Hotel for our annual CGM holiday party 🎊 🥂


How do you like them apples 🍎

October 2023

A fruitful lab outing to pick some apples, eat treats, and play some games 🚐 🍎 ⛳️


Breakfast at Mamaleh's 🥯☕️

September 2023

Lots to celebrate - birthdays, preprints, and grants! Congrats to all on a busy summer full of new people in the lab and many exciting things.


Congrats Alex! 🎉

August 2023

Working with Emily, Alex spent her summer internship investigating some interesting properties of base editors 🧬🧑‍🔬


Celebrating Lani's farewell 🎉🩺

May 2023

An outing to PKL to congratulate Lani on 2 great years in the lab - wishing you all the best in medical school!


Farewell Ann-Sophie! 🔬🏓

April 2023

We really enjoyed having you in the lab! #quiddditchchampion


A productive winter for the lab

March 2023

Congrats to Chris on receiving several grants, and to Emily for passing her PQE & an NSF honorable mention. The lab was also awarded an MGH Research Scholar Award. And special thanks to Jo for making this lab cartoon 🙏😀.


"CRISPR Anywhere" a top tech to watch in 2023

January 2023

A fitting day for Russell to finally receive his very belated framed cover art, as Nature featured his work developing SpRY as one of "Seven Technologies to Watch in 2023". Amazing work, congrats Russell!


🧬 Two papers published to start the year 🎉

January 2023

Our manuscript describing HELIX to improve several properties of CRISPR-associated transposases published in Nature Biotechnology. See Connor's tweetorial and blog post.

We also contributed to an international collaboration on ancestral Cas enzymes (with data and analysis by Logan and Rachel).
Congrats to all co-authors 😃🥂


Lab get together  🍴

November 2022

A night of pasta 🍝 and spicy chips 🔥 to celebrate an exciting fall in the lab!


Annual Retreat for our Center

November 2022

Chris and Connor presented posters on their new exciting work at our CGM retreat (hosted at Broad institute)!


🎃 Happy Halloween 👻

October 2022

Spooky in the Kleinstiver lab with Laa-Laa, TInky-Winky, Po, Sun Baby, and Dipsy


🧬 SpRYgest manuscript published 🧬

October 2022

Our manuscript describing the use of SpRY for DNA digests (SpRYgests) published in Nature Biotechnology. See Katie's tweetorial and news here, here, and here. Congrats all 😃🍻


NIH Director's New Innovator (DP2) Award

October 2022

The lab was fortunate to receive an NIH grant! These funds will enable us to continue our work developing innovative genome editing technologies. More news here and here.


Lab bday celebrations 🎂

September 2022

A month full of birthdays and other things to celebrate!! 🥳


📣 DSB-free kb-scale edits 📣

September 2022

Connor's perspective piece on recent technology developments for large sequence edits published in Biochemistry


Congrats AJ!

August 2022

AJ gave an excellent presentation to the CGM, summarizing his project in the lab! Thanks for joining us, AJ!


Ice cream 🍦 for Jo's #scoopversary

August 2022

A worthy celebration of Jo's path to her great paper on DNA repair determinants of prime editing. Read more about the 🍦celebration here!

220808-AreaFour Large.png

🍕 Pizza @ Area Four 🍕

August 2022

Celebrating AJ's summer internship, Jake's rotation, and Chris's fellowship!


Spring lab outing!

April 2022

Successfully escaped both rooms at PanIQ! 🕵️ 🔎


Farewell, KAC! 🎉

December 2021

Sending off the last Kleinstiver Lab OG with Korean food 🥘, a round of the Friends game, and a special 🐷. Best of luck in your new role at ScribeTx, Katie!


2021 Holiday Party

December 2021 🌟

Yankee Swap, games, and sushi 🍱


So Ultra 🏃

October 2021 🎃

The Kleinstiver Lab watched in awe as Connor fulfilled his life goal of pipetting and crushing a marathon at the same time


Farewell, Roman! 👨🔬

October 2021

Best oof luck on your next adventures, we'll miss you!


Patio lunch for Logan's Bday 🎈

October 2021

Complete with a bacon-wrapped, cheese- and sausage-stuffed, sausage. Amazing creation, Rachel! 🥓

210917-CJT b day_edited.jpg

Delicious Ube Mochi Cake for Connor's Bday 🎉

September 2021

Thanks to Katie and Rachel for this tasty treat!! 🎂

210816-Eckerd Presentations 2021_edited.jpg

Congrats Esaria!

August 2021

Congrats to Esaria and the rest of the Eckerd College interns for a productive summer in the CGM!


Farewell BBQ for Madelynn!

July 2021

Wishing Madelynn all the best as she moves on to start grad school at U Penn in the fall!


Inaugural Kleinstiver Lab retreat

July 2021

Off for our first lab retreat in Provincetown for a day packed with exploring and eating!


Gallery Now Open 🎨

June 2021

The Kleinstiver Lab Art Gallery of Modern CRISPR Art is now open! Visits by appointment only.


Congrats Rachel!

June 2021

A well-deserved celebration for Rachel passing her PQE!



March 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀


The lab receives an award!

March 2021

We're honored to receive this GenScript Distinguished Research Award, especially to share it with a distinguished scientist like Dr. Caixia Gao! Kudos and thanks to my lab, and all our colleagues, friends, and family who voted for us!! See more *here*


Join us!!

January 2021

We are looking to hire postdocs!

Job posting *here*

Twitter thread *here*


Back in the lab after shutdown!

July 2020

After a long pause on wet-lab research, we're back in the lab. Stay safe everyone!


virtual PQE celebration

April 2020

Logan Hille (Harvard BBS PhD candidate) passed his PQE (preliminary qualifying exam) this week. Congrats, Logan! 💯🎉

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 9.03.12 AM.png

The first paper from our lab published in Science!

March 2020

Our work to enable nearly complete targeting of the genome with CRISPR-Cas9 is published! Congrats to Russell (💯), Katie, and Madelynn on some truly impressive work.

Brief thread here + paper featured by Nature, MGHGEN, and genomeweb.


Keystone Engineering the Genome

February 2020

Katie travelled to Canada to present her and Russell's latest work at the Keystone 2020 Conference, held in the beautiful city of Banff, AB.

📸 cred: @JulesGrünewald


CGM Holiday Party

December 2019

Another great holiday party with the Center for Genomic Medicine @ MGH, hosted at the Liberty Hotel, Boston


Kleinstiver Lab Holiday Celebration

December 2019

Holiday party complete with creatively wrapped yankee swap gifts, lab ornaments, and our newest lab member


Join us!

Before the spring

CRISPy, the pipetting snowman, won't last forever.. Check out our open positions here!


CGM annual retreat

October 2019

Katie presents her and Russell's exciting new work at the 2019 CGM retreat!

📸cred: @salomedsdl

190814 - yourphoto.jpg

We escaped!

August 2019

Our first lab outing to an escape room was a huge success (especially with 4 first-timers). Crush Depth at Trapology was great. Next: to complete all escape rooms in Boston..

190416 - Eataly photo2-01-01.png

"If you can cook, you can science"

April 2019

A very belated lab holiday celebration! During our cooking class at Eataly we learned how to make fresh cavatelli pasta with a garlic, parmesan, sausage, and broccoli rabe sauce. Delizioso!


Journal Club: Class 1 CRISPR systems

April 2019

Serendipitous day to choose papers that discuss Class 1 CRISPR systems for our Journal Club, given the recent publication from the Ke and Zhang labs (describing the use of Cas3 for long-range genome editing in human cells). Assist from the IGI with the CRISPR cards.


We're hiring!

March 2019

We are recruiting motivated researchers for a Research Technician I or II position. This is a great opportunity to gain 2 years of research experience in the genome editing field, especially for those who are looking for additional training prior to applying to graduate school. Link to application here. 


Fancy new lab logo

March 2019

Science animator extraordinaire Joy Horng helps us design our new lab logo - thanks!


Cas12a paper published!

February 2019

Our work describing enhanced Cas12a variants, done in the Joung Lab, published in Nature Biotechnology! Thanks to all in the Joung lab and collaborators at MGH who made this possible! Special acknowledgement to Alex and Russell who worked day (and night) for a long time for this one.

Paper featured in pieces by GEN and genomeweb.


Harold B Stewart Lecture

January 2019


Lab work begins!

November 2018

All stocked up and ready to go..


Poster Award!

October 2018

Russell wins a Poster of Distinction Award at MGH Clinical Research Day - congrats Russell!


CGM Annual Retreat

September 2018

Russell presents a 60-second lightning talk on genome editing and Cas12a!
+ Ben gave a seminar on all things planned for the Kleinstiver Lab.


Here we go!

September 2018

A blank canvas, soon to be full


Reach out!

The Kleinstiver Lab is located in the Center for Genomic Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and the Departments of Pathology at MGH and Harvard Medical School (HMS).

Inquiries should be directed to Ben Kleinstiver:

bkleinstiver [at]

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